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Carclaze, St Austell

Carclaze    Minister: Rev Derek Balsdon, 01726 822292

Carclaze Methodist Church was built in 1870


10 am Morning Worship and Junior Church – children welcome

6 pm Evening Worship

7 – 9 pm Sonset: Gircuit Youth Group

THURSDAY 2.30 pm Women’s Bright Hour

FRIDAY 7.30 pm Choir Practice

Steward Mrs D Robins, 34 Trelawney Road, St Austell PL25 4JB, 72036
Mr G Coad,
Secretary Mrs J Best, 9 Linhay Close, Tregrehan Mills, St Austell PL25 3TN, 816215
Treasurer Mrs M Minear,
Circuit Meeting Reps

Pastoral Secretary
Choirmaster Mr R Richards,
Keyholder Mr G Coad
Booking Secretary Mr G Coad
Junior Church Contacts Mrs L Hooper, 66133

Property Steward Mr G Coad

Choir Practice Tuesday 7.30 pm Bright Hour – Thursday 2.30 pm
Notices Mrs D Robins (by Wednesday)
Carclaze: Hymns and Psalms, Mission Praise 1 (1-282), Mission Praise 2 (283-648), Partners in Praise

The white pyramids of waste from the china clay tips used to make the St Austell area look like a tented city from a distance. However, after the Aberfan disaster in 1966 all waste tips had to be contoured and grassed over to stabilise them. One of the exceptions was the tip from the Carclaze pit which still stands proudly on the St Austell skyline as a reminder of the major industry which produced such mineral wealth from the area.

Carclaze mine has been worked for over 400 years producing tin and copper before China Clay.

With its high elevation above the town you can look south from Carclaze Methodist Church over St Austell Bay from Black Head in the West to Gribbin Head in the East, with its red and white daymark. On a clear day you even see the Eddystone Lighthouse which lies over 25 miles away off Plymouth.



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